Recognizing the importance of familiarity, love, and trust of the church family, it is our objective to equip church staff and members to appropriately and gently minister to people who are grieving the loss of a loved one, comforting them with the love of God to make this trauma a growth experience for all instead of just a tragedy.
Christian Perspective On Death and Dying
    This 13-session adult Christian education program consists of a videotape that introduces each lesson, a facilitator guide, and student handouts. Topics include:

  • Understanding the grief cycle
  • Proper grief
  • Wills and insurance issues
  • Physical needs of the grieving person
Aftercare - Helping People Grieve and Grow:
    This program works through the cycle of grief -- from shock, depression, guilt and anger through idealization, realization, new living patterns and resolution. Aftercare will help your community learn to deal with grief and embrace others who are experiencing it.