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  Caring   Caring to Teach, Teaching to Care

Education in the twenty-first century demands that we deal with the whole child, not just the mind. This requires going beyond the historical 3 R's of reading, writing, and 'rithmetic and and focusing on five new R's: Relationship, Respect, Responsibility, Relevance, and Rigor. As educators, we must increase our efforts to understand youth and truly connect with them in ways that make them want to learn. By caring to teach, we are teaching students to care. Join Dave Opalewski and Anna Unkovich as they share their combined wisdom and passion for teaching, and their educational philosophy of developing students' hearts as well as their minds.

  Children   Understanding & Addressing Children's
Grief Issues

Children who have experienced grief are at a higher risk for depression as they grow. This informative workbook will provide you with comprehensive techniques to address the situation. It helps you identify the signs of grief and how to help the child deal with their situation using healthy outlets. Softcover, 88 pages.

  Death   Confronting Death in the School Family

This book provides guidelines and tools for adding a tragedy component to your crisis response team to help you respond to the death of a student or staff member in a consistent and compassionate manner. Includes procedures for response, samples of announcements, comprehensive classroom plans and worksheets for parents and teachers. A suicide prevention component is also included. Softcover, 152 pages.

  Grief   Understanding and Addressing Adolescent Grief Issues

Adolescents are not supposed to experience death. Although it should never happen, the harsh reality is that it does, and when it does, it is a terrible shock for the adolescent. Adolescent Grief will help you, as the caring adult, be a guide through this troubling time by helping you understand what the adolescent is going through and giving you comprehensive techniques to address the situation. This is a time when a caring, unassuming adult can make a positive difference in a young person by fostering growth and maturity. Softcover, 88 pages. Topics covered in this book include:
  • Experiences and observations
  • Uniqueness of adolescent grief
  • Normal vs. Abnormal, Grief vs. Trauma
  • Sudden death vs. Anticipated death
  • Basics for the caring adult
  • Adolescent suicide
  • Biochemistry of adolescent suicide and violence
  • Common adolescent grief concerns
  • The return to school
  • Advice from adolescents to the caring adult
  Issues   Root Issues of Student Behavior Problems

In my 31 years of education I have never met a student who was a behavior problem that wanted to be a behavior problem. Why do students misbehave? What unmet need does the behavior cover up? This book helps educators discover the unmet needs of students with behavior problems and how to help the student meet the need in an appropriate manner.
  Help   Answering the Cry for Help - A Suicide Prevention Manual

This resource will help to bridge the gap between schools and communities by providing guidelines for developing a Community Suicide Prevention Program that:
  • Promotes awareness about risks
  • Discusses methods for suicide prevention
  • Establishes guidelines and resources for intervention
  • Seeks to educate and train Crisis Team members and community leaders to manage
  • possible situations and scenarios.
This resource manual provides ideas for dealing with funding issues, guidelines for media relations, an outline for beginning a proactive preventative outreach program, and websites that will prove to be invaluable as you create your own Communty-based Suicide Prevention program. Softcover, 85 pages.


A college student survey showed that 95 percent of college students surveyed were bitter about their school's handling of a death because the school either did nothing or brought in outside, unfamiliar people. The familiarity and trust of the school family are critically important during a crisis or tragedy. This seminar will equip school personnel to effectively handle these situations, covering topics such as:

  • Forming a crisis team
  • Crisis situations
  • Suicide prevention
  • Teen stress
  • School violence