Help   Answering the Cry for Help - A Suicide Prevention Manual

This resource will help to bridge the gap between schools and communities by providing guidelines for developing a Community Suicide Prevention Program that:
  • Promotes awareness about risks
  • Discusses methods for suicide prevention
  • Establishes guidelines and resources for intervention
  • Seeks to educate and train Crisis Team members and community leaders to manage
  • possible situations and scenarios.
This resource manual provides ideas for dealing with funding issues, guidelines for media relations, an outline for beginning a proactive preventative outreach program, and websites that will prove to be invaluable as you create your own Communty-based Suicide Prevention program. Softcover, 85 pages.

      Suicide Prevention Seminar

This seminar is designed to educate your group or organization about the realities of suicide, including:
  • Statistics
  • Facts and myths
  • Why suicide is viewed as an option
  • Rating the risk of suicide
  • Understanding the suicidal person
  • how we can help