Suicide Prevention Seminar

A college student survey showed that 95 percent of college students surveyed were bitter about their school's handling of a death because the school either did nothing or brought in outside, unfamiliar people. The familiarity and trust of the school family are critically important during a crisis or tragedy. This seminar will equip school personnel to effectively handle these situations, covering topics such as:

  • Statistics
  • Facts and myths
  • Why suicide is viewed as an option
  • Rating the risk of suicide
  • Understanding the suicidal person
  • How we can help

Cutting is the most prevalent form of non-suicidal self injurious behavior.  Studies report rates as high as 47% in some adolescent community samples.  This workshop will explore the prevalence, causation factors, appropriate and effective intervention strategies, treatment and prevention.

Participants will be able to:

  • Be able to distinguish between social and internal influences on cutting behaviors
  • Understand why common disciplinary actions are ineffective
  • Be able to better see the world through the eye of the cutter
  • Learn more effective intervention strategies

A Perspective on Cutting and other forms of
Self Injury